“The Path to Success Requires You to Commit.”

As I was leaving the eye glass store at the mall, I noticed a new shop sitting on the corner next to Dick’s Sporting Goods. From the outside I could not tell what type of store it was. Excitedly, I walked into a popcorn store, which is my favorite cheat snack.  As I gazed at the different varieties around the store, the owner asked me if I wanted to try some samples. In speaking with the owner, I was thinking to myself I know him from somewhere, but could not figure out from where. While snacking on free samples, I asked the owner why he chose to start a business?

His entrepreneurship journey began at his house. He and his wife began making popcorn out of their home and selling it at all the local beauty salons, barbershops, and a few small business offices. Immediately it hit me where I knew him from. Jerrod would come into my hair dresser’s salon selling to patrons, telling me he had done this for 17 years going from business to business. Popakernel operations would come to a halt with the rise of the pandemic.

Like many businesses the question became how is the business going to survive moving forward? The popcorn makers never envisioned opening up their own storefront, especially during a pandemic. Having to pivot their business operations and model, the couple decided to open their own store. By faith they dreamed bigger and not only opened up one location, but now have two locations.

I was inspired by their story. It was their commitment toward their business and the passion they had to make popcorn for a living. As well as their dedication to growing their business each and every day showing up to salons with fresh batches of popcorn.

Many may look at their story finding it impressive that a Black owned business has two stores doing exceptionally well. As we read more stories similar to Popakernal, we must remember success does happen overnight. Success does not come without the process.

We live in an instant gratification society of got to have it now!

While we are working towards our dream we may not always see the evidence of the fruits of our labor.

You never reap in the same seasons you sow. It may take years!

The New Year high has come and gone. Are you still committed to your dreams?

Anything in life worth having is worth working hard for. Do not give up!