As one who loves books, it’s surreal being a published author. I am amazed I did it despite my condition. I suffer from a condition called analysis paralysis diagnosed by perfectionism. It took me ten years to finish my book.

Why so long?

  • I felt I needed to be the perfect writer in telling the perfect story.
  • Self-doubt voice in my head had me thinking my story does not matter.

It all changed for me when the world came to a stop when the pandemic hit. I was searching for answers. During a meditation session I realized I was not living up to my true potential. I was letting perfectionism stand in my way. More importantly I realized I was in my own way.

Perfection is an illusion. Nothing about my personal & professional experiences is perfect. The journey has been full of mistakes, failures, & successes. It didn’t make sense why I was trying to write the perfect story. People can relate to what’s real, not perfect. Perfectionism is not required in achieving one’s own dreams. Consistency is required! We must show up to put our best foot forward growing in our craft a little bit everyday.

I was disappointed in myself for not showing up believing in my dreams. More importantly I felt like I missed so many opportunities. Opportunities addressing the gap attracting more women of color to the science and engineering fields. Why so few women? I took part of the blame for not being there and showing them the way.

Pandemic showed me how fragile life is. I knew I couldn’t waste anymore time. Working through my condition I was able to write my story. It was a challenge. I kept telling myself “you don’t have to be great to start, but you must star to become great.” Focus on the why, everything else is irrelevant.

No matter what goal you set for yourself. Strive for progress over perfection!